I started out in my twenties traveling and living in remote places, often spending numerous months biking or hiking with just the essentials on my bike or back. After having two kids, I settled into a stereotypical American lifestyle in Los Angeles complete with all the trappings. In an effort to change that paradigm, I’ve moved to various places including Chicago and Paris. I looped back to LA and lived in a loft in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles for six years before deciding to purchase a sweet, little cottage in Pasadena which I am in process of lovelingly restoring. 

My professional and educational background is in architecture, interior, and garden design. I attended the interior design program at UCLA and the architecture program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. I studied painting and drawing at the Art Center College of Design and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My passion is exploring the concept of home and guiding my clients through the process of discovering the meaning of home for them through design.

Mission Statement

I specialize in preserving historic homes while addressing the need for more space. Forty seven percent of the population In Los Angeles owns a home. Most of those homes were built before 1970. They reflect middle class values that we still embrace today such as family, security, comfort, and privacy. The difference is we now need more space. I feel its important to retain the integrity of a building while reinventing and expanding its use to address contemporary needs such as lifestyle, sustainability and energy efficiency. Authenticity in residential design is based on reinventing the dream of what a home is to each individual while incorporating the increasing need to expand our homes as a response to a loss of exterior public space and also to fulfill the need to escape from the intensity of living in an increasingly intense urban area. The resulting innovative mix of old and new is an expression of valuing the soul of a building and its surrounding community while modernizing.

Each of us have an idea of what defines a home. Curating what matters to each of us is very personal. Good design isn’t about fashion, it’s about integrity and truth. How your vision is expressed is unique to you. At Cynthia Boyd Design I’m here to guide you through the process. I assist in discovering the definition of home for you and in doing so customize your experience. CBD helps you create a warm, inviting home that is conducive to happiness and creativity. 


CBD is a full service residential design firm. I incorporate the latest technology in energy saving strategies in our designs.

These are some of the technical services I provide:

Complete residential and interior design services from conception through construction and installation.

Restoration specialists.

Building permit acquisition.

Title 24 & HERS Report acquisition.

Preparation for HPOZ and other design review boards.

Code variance application.

Collaboration and referrals to solar energy and energy minded HVAC consultants.

Gray water usage.